This adaptor is used to run the Atari XY Vector Games Space Duel, Gravitar, and Black Widow on the Universal Supergun. All Atari XY adaptors are built to a similar design.

The adaptor uses the supplimental power supply, and requires +22vdc, -22vdc, +15vdc as well as the standard +5vdc and +12vdc from the standard supergun.

XY Adaptors have a separate XYZ output on the side, rather than be routed to the standard RGBS inpute of the Universal Supergun. This is to ensure that no mistake is made when selecing the monitor. The 10.6vdc which is used by the PCB to control the reset and power up circuit, is separately switchable for test purposes.

Here is the internals of the adaptor, with the "cabinet" switch located in the top right hand side - to allow testing of the cocktail table function of the boards.

Close up of the TTL converter board. This circuit takes the RGB Z signals, and converts them to TTL signals, via separate front panel adjustable thresholds. These are then combined to give a single TTL Z signal, suitable for a Monochrome test monitor, or an Oscilliscope. This board also carries an LM317 regulator to supply the 10.6vdc to the PCB.

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