Atari Gate Array Logic Replacement PCB

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This PCB is designed to take the place of the Atari Gate Array custom chip, often called an AVG chip - part number 137179-001. It is used on 6 vector games: Star Wars, Space Duel, Gravitar, Black Widow, Major Havoc and Quantum. The original custom chips are now impossible to find new, and if you get hold of a used one, they are expensive, and there's no guarantee how long it will last.

Take a look at the photos below, which show where the Gate Array chip is located on a Space Duel PCB, and what the replacement looks like when installed

Here is a Space Duel PCB,
with the original Gate Array
chip in place, and highlighted.

Here is the same PCB, with the
replacement board installed.

This is a side on photo, showing
how low it sits on the main board

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Main features

Each board comes with fitting instructions which covers the 6 games it is used for.

These will be available again soon, price GB 24.95 each.
If you need one urgent, please contact me, as I can make one up specifically to order.

Post and packing is 3.50 by 1st class recorded delivery in the UK
Airmail worldwide is 5.50, or add 3.30 for insurance and signed for service
I will combine shipping if you buy more than one piece.

To order, please contact me on the eMail address listed below. I can accept credit card payments through PayPal, or cheque, Money order, bank transfer.

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