BBC Model B, B+ and Master 128 - External Dual Removable Compact Flash Hard Drive Kit

KIT/EXTU2CF - 69.95

A fully self contained external Dual Solid State Hard Drive, that allows you to fit 2 Compact Flash cards simultaneously, to give your BBC Computer up to 2GB of storage space. Compact Flash cards give the advantage of smaller, lighter unit, no noise, no spin up time, and faster access speeds, with greater reliability than their spinning platter counterpart. The drive itself is around the same size as an external 2.5" USB style drive you would use on your PC, measuring only 93cm wide, by 155cm deep, and 35cm high, and is in the same "BBC Cream" colour casing.

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The kit comes with almost everything you will need to plug into your Master and start working straight away, all you will need to get yourself are the Compact Flash cards. As well as the External Drive itself, which plugs into the 1MHz bus, comes both ADFS 1.53 for the Master 128 and ADFS 1.33 for theModel Band B+ on a single ROM. The Master has ADFS 1.50 inbuilt, which accesses SCSI drives, so the replacement is needed to access the later style IDE drives and Solid State devices.

A leaflet of instructions and recommendations on which socket to put the rom in, how to connect everything up, how to reconfigure your Beeb to access the Hard Drive, and how to format new CF Cards comes with the kit. It is very straightforward, and completely compatible with your original ADFS floppy disks, both 3.5" and 5.25", as well as the other operating systems like the 1770 DFS and Econet. A disk of utilities is also included, for Formatting, Copying, Initialising extra blank cards etc. I can supply the disk on 3.5" should you prefer, please let me know at auction end.

Interior View Front view with Cards Bundled Software & Accessories

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The Compact Flash cards are semi-hot swappable, in that you need to power the drive down to swap the cards, but you do not need to power the BBC down, just simply *MOUNT the new card when plugged in. Of course, you can just use 1 card if you wish, there's no requirement to have 2 in there all the time, and the cards can be different capacities. The unit also needs to be hooked up to power, and there is a separate power supply included in the kit, which plugs into the mains, so leaves the power connector on your Master free for your floppy drives, or other equipment.

This kit also comes with a CD containing specially written programs that allow you to plug the CF cards you use in the drive into your PC, via a standard USB Card Reader, and take an image of the card for backup purposes, and write the image back to the same card, or another one of the same size. The Image these programs create are fully compatible with Jon Welch's ADFS Explorer, which allows you to load the image, browse it, add and delete files, manipulate it in almost any way you wish. You can then save that image, and reload it back to a CF card, to plug back into the drive. Please note that the backup and restore programs are supplied free with the kit, but ADFS Explorer is shareware, and requires a small registration fee to the Author. Please see his website for details.

Optional Extras

A 1GB Compact Flash card, preformatted to 512MB for either patched ADFS. Ideally suited to the BBC Internal Hard Drive Kit or Dual Removable Hard Drive Kit. Comes preloaded with several megabytes of games, software and utilities to get you started, and can be supplied with BBC Model B and B+ or BBC Master 128 Images.

Please contact me if you wish to order any of the above items