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Support update 30-07-10

Issue 1 boards only - Some users have been having trouble with certain makes of CF card. After a re-examination of the design file for the CPLD, I have adjusted some of the timings and produced a new JTAG file for this device JTAG1.10. This has cured the issues I have been able to replicate with the cards I have here. If you are experiencing trouble with the ADFS hanging at boot and not reading the card, or loading but some files being corrupt, please get in touch and I can update your board free of charge in an attempt to cure the problem.

Support update 28-11-09

A new version of the NVRAM restore utilitiy is available. This cures a problem that sometimes caused it to copy one file then crash when used on a BBC Master 128.

NVREST.SSD - Version 1.01

Support update 05-08-09

RamFS is now in release Version 1.00. Please email me for a copy.

I have cleared the support page, and will add notes as changes are made. All information pertaining to the use of DataCentre is now in the instruction manual supplied with the kit. If you have an evaluation board, please email me if you wish to purchase a copy.

Updates to RamFS will continue to be free. You can either email me for an electronic copy of the ROM image, or send your original ROM back to me with a single 1st or 2nd class large letter stamp, and I will send you the new version free of charge.

If you encounter any other issues or are having difficulty with anything, please report them to me at and I will look into them.