Sega 315-5025 and 315-5155 Replacements

These two ICs are custom dual layer bit shifters with a flip function, used in boards from System 1A up to Out Run and Super Hang On. They perform functions in the tilemap and road circuits.

The two versions are identical in operation, at least from what I've observed across the boards that use them. the 315-5025 is an 18 pin package, and 315-5155 is a 20 pin, but on this pins 9, 10 and 11 are all grounded. Therefore you can fit a 5025 in place of a 5155, just making sure that both pin 1s are lined up, and leave pins 10 and 11 free of the 20 pin socket.

That means that the replacement boards can be used in either position, in order to fit one into an 18 pin socket for the 5025, you just remove pins 10 and 11 from the board.

I currently supply 4 different versions, depending on what board you're fitting it to, and what function that position needs.

315-5155 Full 2 layer with Flip - 18.00

This version is a full implementation, and has the dual layer shifting, along with the flip function. The flip is used mostly in boards that are required to flip the image over for 2 player operation, such as those used in cocktail tables, however it's also used in the road section of Hang On and Enduro Racer (Space Harrer) boardsets, as it renders the left hand part of the road in upright mode, and then flips the bit shifting to render the right hand section. This is compatible with all locations, and is the one to have if you just need a spare or two for testing, or for replacing a single faulty IC.

315-5155N - 2 layer, no Flip - 15.00

This version implements both bit shifting layers, but does not have the flip function. It is ideal for use in the tilemap sections of boards that are fitted to upright cabinets that do not have to invert the image. It can also be used in the road section of Out Run boards, and the left and right section of the road layers are rendered in a different way, not requiring the flip.

315-5155 Dual - For 834-5798 - Space Harrier / Enduro Racer - 22.00

This version is designed to replace two of the custom shifter in a single bank of the tilemap section on the lower video board. One of the positions requires both shifting layers, but the other only requires one, hence only 3 bit shifter ICs are fitted to this.
Using this board to replace two ICs at once is ideal if only one is faulty, as it gives you a working spare to then use elsewhere, or keep until needed.

315-5155 Dual - For 837-6063 - Out Run / Turbo Out Run / Super Hang On - 22.00

This version is designed to replace the two custom ICs in the road circuit together. Both positions require the two shifting layers, and two are needed as Out Run boards have the ability to render 2 roads at once on screen. Using this board to replace two ICs at once is ideal if only one is faulty, as it gives you a working spare to then use elsewhere, or keep until needed.

The replacement boards come with turned pin connections, and no sockets are included. I can provide machine pin sockets for an additional 50p each (Let me know if you need 18 or 20 pin), and remember for dual boards, you'll need two. Note that in some cases, depending on where the board is fitted, you may need to use an additional socket stack to raise the board up, to clear other socketed ICs or ROMs.
Please get in touch if you wish to order any of the above, or for more advice about which one is best for your application