Stock available includes:

BBC Micro and Master 128 Cap Kits - standard 3pc kit (£2.50) and full (£12.00 B / £15.00 M128) service kits
Raspberry Pi CoProcessor adapter boards both internal and external for BBC and Master 128 - £10.00
Raspberry Pi CoProcessor kits with 1GHz Zero 2, cables and mounts, external - subject to stock - £65.00
GOTEK USB drives in both Grey and Black - £55.00 with 16GB USB Stick, software and BBC Cables
8271 DFS Upgrades with DNFS 1.20 for the Model B - £25.00 with printed install leaflet.
1770 DFS Upgrades with DFS 2.26 for the Model B - £32.00 with printed install leaflet.
MultiOS kits for the BBC Master - for both IDE and SCSI type Hard Drives - £30.00
BBC Master 3x AA battery kits - £10.00 (Suitable for worldwide shipping)
BBC Master 1x Lithuim battery kits - £12.00 (UK shipping only due to postal regulations)

All other BBC spares like components, feet and other upgrades. Price are plus postage or courier shipping.
...and I'm still open for repairs for BBC Micros, and Arcade Game PCBs.
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PCBs from: Sega Outrun, Space Harrier, Enduro Racer, and other boardsets of that era.
Also Taito/Midway Space Invaders, Pac Man, Galaxian, etc.
If you have one or more and you want to sell or part exchange them, dead or alive, complete or not, please get in touch!

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